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Follow Along on Our Adventures! NeedtoKnow has a Facebook.

Are you a social media junkie? Do you think a picture is worth a thousand words? Do you enjoy gazing upon the fabulous graphical quality of modern video games has to offer?

Well, you’re in luck because we have a Facebook page, gamers!

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Coming Soon: Steam Early Access Report

More and more games are being released in “Early Access” format, meaning that developers are releasing games in an oftentimes unfinished or unpolished state with the hopes of gaining the funds necessary for completion. And I don’t mean unfinished in the sense of an RPG without an ending or a VN that’s missing half its romantic interests, but rather a sandbox survival game seeking to add more creature types and craftable items over time or a rogue-like game that promises more power-ups/loot/equipment/fun.

In short, Early Access is a good thing–usually.

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Welcome to Our Blog

Attention gamers!

Are you a fan of indie games? Do you have a burning desire to be a part of the crowdfunding community? Do you find yourself wondering what games are worth your hard-earned cash–what titles dare to do things differently and challenge whatever conventions the genre has presented before? Are you a nerd in the streets and an even bigger nerd behind closed doors? [Read more…] Continue reading Welcome to Our Blog