UPDATE! [EAR] Niche – A Genetics Survival Game

Niche – A Genetics Survival Game is a game where you start with two creatures and create an entire tribe that you must sustain and keep safe from numerous predators. Sound easy? It’s anything but as you travel from biome to biome, gather berries and food, and fend off predators in this survival adventure.20161112163817_1

December brought out some great new features!

(Added 12/29/2016)
– Rivers have been added to some of the islands
– New field types for beach, sea and river fields
– New food system (animals eat 1 food per day, actions are free to perform)
– New island (Killer Island) has been added. Surviving there is VERY hard!
– New grass biome genes (Spiky Body, Digging Paws)
– New water biome genes (Gills, Webbed Paws, Fishing Tail, …)
– Horns and Snouts are now on separate gene slots
– Adam and Eve are now partly randomized

Also added is the new Family Tree. It shows family relations for living tribe members!



-$18.99 on Steam Early Access
-If you are not interested in joining Niche’s development process, we encourage you to wait for the full release in Q1 2017. 
Price will be much lower upon release. 

=Game Modes=

– Single Player Mode


=What it includes now=

-Ability to breed different species
-Different sicknesses for tribe
-Ability to choose different genes that affect the new breed
-Predators that will stalk and hunt your tribe
-3 islands to choose from. Your tribe can migrate between them (Added 10/30/2016)
-Difficulty adjustment via which initial island you choose (Added 10/30/2016)
-New field types for the grass biome (Added 10/30/2016)
-New genes (Eye colors, Fur colors, Immunity) (Added 10/30/2016)
-Ability to ‘mark’ an animal (Added 10/30/2016)

If you’re interested in seeing gameplay, check out our Niche Let’s Play.

=What it promises=

-Water biomes (Rivers, Lakes) with new water genes

-Jungle biome

-Family tree


-Prehistoric genes

-Twin birth

-New predators


-Wings to glide

-Lots of new genes

=Projected full release date=

-Full release for Desktop, Q1 2017
-Mobile, TBA

=Bottom line=

Niche is a fun rogue-like survival game that also serves as a learning tool for evolution and genetics. It gives you the chance to create your own unique tribe and combat the dangers of a world that will test your mettle. Will your tribe survive or will it perish, a victim or starvation and vicious predators?  You decide. If you’re a fan of a challenge and you happen to like science  and/or nature, this is the game for you. With regular updates and more content to come, this is definitely a title to keep your eye on.

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and RT our pinned tweet for a chance to win a copy of Niche – A Genetics Survival Game. Contest ends November 18th.

Stay in the Know, Gamers~



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