Fae Tactics Game Play Dev Pt.1

This looks fantastic and draws inspiration from classic gaming titans. I’d follow development closely if I were you!

EndlessFluff Games


This is the first of a series of small posts I’ll be making about the design and development of the core game play in Fae Tactics. This post will briefly go over the combat system as a whole and the follow up post will go into some details about specific parts.

As with all of our projects there are a large number of influences from our life long love of games. If I had to narrow it down the two most important influences to this particular project are Final Fantasy Tactics, and Culdcept Saga. What we were aiming for was a combination of the now classic tactical combat of FF Tactics with the collectible and strategic deck(party) building found in Culdcept Saga. Before we started any of the main development there were a few design constraints I established with the intent of keeping the scope in check (Haha) as well forcing…

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