UPDATE! [EAR] Kings and Heroes, a Dungeon Crawling MMO Set in a Fantasy World

Fancy a killing spree through a skeleton- infested dungeon? Excellent! Gear up, grab your friends and be prepared to fight. Kings and Heroes is a single and multiplayer fantasy action RPG set in an open world. There are dungeons galore with enough loot to keep your inventory full and your pockets lined.

UPDATE: As of 1/82017

  • New Race – The Amarians have emerged from their burrows to join the adventure! This new race if fully customizable and ready to explore Everdale! Players can choose any class with the new race!
  • New Dungeons – The Mirefen Burrows, The Crypt of the Spider, and The Broken Hideout

    (See more information on the updates below.)


  • 19.00 on Steam Early Access

=Game Modes=

  • Single player
  • Multiplayer/Online Multiplayer
  • Co-Co/Online Co-op
    (Also features partial controller support)

=What it Includes Now=

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  • Founders Pack – This set of items are only for players who purchase the game while it’s still in Early Access. It includes:
    =Mount – “Founders Wild Stallion” – your own horse in-game!
    =Imp (Personal Merchant you can call in-game)
    =Auto-Loot Stone (Grab your Loot while on the run)
    =Lifetime Pass to All Updates and Expansions to Kings and Heroes
  • Character customization with character advancement
  • Create up to 6 individual characters per account
  • Seven different races (Orc, Goblin, Human, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, or Amarian) UPDATE!

    • The Amarians have emerged from their burrows to join the adventure! This new race if fully customizable and ready to explore Everdale! Players can choose any class with the new race!
    • There are no Female, Beard, Color or Face options for this Race
  • Five current classes (Champion, Ranger, Cleric, Wizard, and Rogue)
  • Crafting with numerous trade skills (Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Enchanting)
  • Procedurally generated dungeons of varying size and difficulty UPDATE!
    • New Dungeons Added!
      • The Mirefen Burrows

        A new dungeon set deep below the Mirefen Swamp lies the Mirefen Burrows. The Mirefen Burrows were homes to many of the Amarians who have taken up with the townsfolk of Everdale to seek adventure! The dwellers of the burrows see those Amarians who left for Everdale and traitors seek to eliminate them.

      • The Crypt of the Spider

        Venture into the depths of the Spider’s Lair! Deep in this dungeon, cultists worship the Queen and do her bidding! Do you have the mettle to cleanse these dark passages of the evil that lies within?

      • The Broken Hideout

        The Darkspire Raiders are up to something in the depths of the Broken Hideout. Knowing the Darkspire, they are probably up to no good. Journey to the Broken.

  • Four different dungeon types with many different themes including castles, crypts, and caves. Pick your size and difficulty (The harder the dungeon is, the better the rewards)
  • More than 50 enemy types to encounter and attack
  • In-game chat function and group matching for dungeons
  • Large variety of items, weapons, and armors
  • Amazing creatures including 20+ bosses
  • Can be played single-player
  • Distinct game areas such as the tavern, Marketplace, and Crafting Stations
  • Co-op play – Groups of up to 8 players with one being the “Group Leader”
  • Traditional Dungeon Crawl Experience – Unique classes with unique roles
  • “Roguelike” – If your entire team dies, you’ll have to regroup in town to begin another adventure

    Check out Industrial Game’s Announcements page for more updates, improvements, and various bug fixes: Kings and Heroes Announcements

=What it Promises=

  • Mac Version
  • More open world development
  • Player vs. Player content
  • Additional character customizations
  • More items, weapons, and armor sets
  • More bosses
  • More dungeon types
  • Additional level editor and Steam Workshop

=Projected Full Release=

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  • “Leaves Early Access 6-9 months from now” (May 2017~August 2017)

=Bottom Line=

Kings and Heroes contain its share of bugs but just like with any other Early Access title, the developers are actively seeking feedback. Even still, the game as it stands is only going to get better.

With the implementation of more bosses, more creatures, and dungeon types to come, the Early Access content certainly is growing. If you enjoy a good fantasy RPG akin to Diablo with fierce bosses you can take down with your friends, give Kings and Heroes a try. The developers are making consistent updates and fixes to keep the game running smoothly, so you spend more time ingame slaying monsters.

Be sure to check out Kings and Heroes on Steam Early Access.

Stay in the know, Gamers~



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