Masky, a Colourful, Casual Arcade-Style Game

The object of Masky is to collect as many masks as you can without toppling over. You do so by walking to the left and right side of the screen and linking arms with the person standing there. They don a colorful mask and are added to your score.

Of course, it’s not that simple.



At the top of the screen is a meter that shows your balance. Every movement causes the dial to switch between one of three color zones — green (center), orange, red (outermost) — that indicate your stability. If the cursor slides into the red zone, it’s getting over and you start from square one. Thus, you have to be careful when moving across the stage, alternating your joystick movements/keyboard taps between gentle, barely-there nudges, and full tilts.

What makes this task all the more difficult is the act of collecting masks itself: adding a person to your sideways conga line adds weight to that side which will affect how quickly your line moves and in which direction. There are 3 possible body types for you to pick up: tall and thin, large and heavy, and small and short. Each has their own weight and it’s in your best interest to alternate sizes in your human length so that things stay balanced.

Every few masks you collect will result in a random effect that will make it easier or difficult to remain upright. These people are denoted by a little red arrow.

Beware. Collecting these masks may very well turn your world upside down.

Random effects include screen shaking, turning the sage upside down, cutting away masks on your chain (they still count towards your final score), making the balance bar disappear — and more. Many only last for a couple of seconds, though a few stop only after you collect another mask.

After you’ve fallen, the masks you’ve collected during your run will be added to the total number of masks you have. Collecting enough masks unlocks a new starting mask, which changing your starting level and the background music you’ll collect masks to, and also nets you an achievement.



Masky’s art style looks a bit like something a child would draw; an abstract, zany sort of aesthetic that works well when paired with the bright colors against a dark background.


The music is catchy and nostalgic of the 80s synthesizers that were popular back then. Each starting mask has its own song and it is looped in the background


Because it is an arcade style game where you unlock a limited amount of content, the number of hours you get out of Masky is up to your skill level and willingness to keep playing. Depending on your dexterity, unlocking everything may take an hour or two. If you’re willing to keep playing just to try and beat your own score, more power to you.

The ability to play against others locally or online adds another dimension of replayability. It’s important to note that I could not find a multiplayer game online during the time I spent in game.

Bottom Line

Masky is a casual arcade style game with unique aesthetics and gameplay. The asking price is very fair, considering what it offers: a fun way to pass the time, either by yourself, with a buddy, or competitively online for that spot at the top of the leaderboards. Just keep in mind the player base is not huge. So finding a match may or may not be viable.


Stay in the know, gamers ❤


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