[EAR] Serial Cleaner, a Stealthy Action Game About Cleaning up Crime Scenes Without Getting Caught!


Serial Cleaner is a 1970s themed stealth action game where it’s your job to discreetly get rid of dead bodies, clean up blood and dispose of incriminating evidence. You do all this while dodging police and other enemies so that you can make a clean getaway in your groovy station wagon.


Game Modes:

  • Single Player


  • $9.99 (Price will rise once game releases)

What It Includes Now:

  • 7 unique levels that’ll challenge you to get rid of and clean up things without being caught
  • 4 different enemy types from standard beat cops patrolling to the scene to enemies whose movements will be tougher to follow
  • All levels are playable from start to finish

The levels and locations vary in size and will take a degree of skill to complete. Some will be more challenging than others because I found out that when you die, the bodies and evidence change places. So, the levels are somewhat randomized in that the level will change when you die, forcing you to rethink your strategy. The enemies will remain in the same areas and have the same pathing. You also have hiding spots like dumpsters or boxes if an enemy spots you.


This keeps the game and levels fresh since you’re always having to change the way you play the same level. The change might be good or bad. Some bodies may spawn right where you can easily grab them. In other cases, this might make retrieving evidence and bodies tougher.


What It Will Implement:

  • Challenge Mode – Not much information on this mode. But if I had to guess, it’ll be either a mode where you have a time limit or finish a level with a specific set of rules.
  • More levels to Campaign Mode (More levels to be added during EA period)
  • New unique locations to explore
  • New original music to add to the new modes and locations

The music is groovy. Period. It fits with the overall 1970s vibe as your cleaner and his epic handlebar mustache sneaks around and nabs evidence and bodies. Visually, the game is vibrant and colors are washed out, working well with the theme. Both the music and colors bring the theme to life and make you feel like you’ve dropped right into a 70s show.


Release Date:

  • Early 2017

Bottom Line:

I highly recommend Serial Cleaner in its current state. It’s a blast to play and if you’re a fan of stealth and action in the form of cleaning up incriminating evidence, this game has you covered. The devs are working closely with the community in order to knock out any bugs or game mechanics that are troublesome as well.

From the far-out soundtrack to the fabulous gameplay from 7 unique and challenging levels, Serial Cleaner is a fantastic EA title. It offers frequent updates, a banging soundtrack and free updates to those who purchase it during EA, what’s not to enjoy?

Pick up Serial Cleaner today on Steam:

Serial Cleaner

Liking the groovy soundtrack? Check out the samples on Soundcloud here:

Serial Cleaner Soundclips

Stay in the Know, Gamers~



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