[EAR] GRAV, a Sci-fi Themed Survival Adventure

GRAV is a sci-fi sandbox adventure game by BitMonster Inc. It offers PvP and PvE as well as a single-player mode in which you can wander your own planet at your leisure. While it’s far from complete, regular updates make it a title to keep your eye on if you’re a fan of the genre.


19.99. It won’t go up after full release.

It’s useful to note that the game has been bundled 2 times as of 2015, so traders and bundle hunters will find that to be a more viable price option.

.Game Modes.

-Single Player Mode

-Multiplayer: PvE and PvP** (Please see the bottom line below)

(Official and Unofficial servers supported)

.What it Includes Now.


Crafting can be done by accessing the build menu with ‘b’. Objects can be placed and positioned almost anywhere in the world and equipment is automatically placed in their proper place.



This includes stations, where you can craft more complicated items, buildings you can inhabit, and harvesters which, well, harvest materials from veins in the ground.

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=Weapons (and armor)

Melee and Ranged

*ranged weapons are limited to pistols at the moment and are totally OP as you can stand on a rock, out of range of an enemy, and simply fire away until it’s dead.


Used to harvest from your surroundings.



For faster travel around the planet.


Eat to keep your hunger up or you’ll begin to lose health.

When you die, whether by starvation or enemy encounter, you can respawn immediately. You’ll lose some of the items and material in your inventory, but these can be reclaimed if you return to the place you died.



Other players can also loot your remains, so make haste!


The creatures in GRAV are vicious and most will attack on sight. You’re quite sqiushy, so prepare to run and gun.Slain creatures can be looted.

-Pet System

Pets can be purchased from wandering vendors. There are currently only a handful of types, each a drone with a different colour, for things like assault, support, defence, and harvesting.


You can buy materials, rations, and the like from “Mr Vendroid” bots, which are wandering vendors. Enemies will attack and slay them, however, so keep them safe if you want to purchase their wares.

There’s also, WeiWei, who wanders and frequently gets killed. He seems to have no other function.


These two are dressed for the holiday event.


-Sandbox Experience

The objectives are there purely to teach you the game. You can easily ignore them and go wherever you want in the world assuming you don’t get horribly murdered.

-Day and Night Cycle


More monsters come out at night, so take shelter when the sun starts to set!


No, seriously. Just press ‘x’. The music is really good, too…

Oonst, oonst, oonst.

.What it Promises.

“More features, more stable, more optimized, more monsters, more buildings, more weapons, and of course more dancing! Basically, everything you see now but more of it along with many new features.”

GRAV Steam page

We’re hoping future improvements will also include a friend system, more accessible mini-map with some sort of locator for other players, and difficulty balancing for beginning players.

am thrilled about the dancing, though.

.Bottom Line.

As a single player adventure, I’d say GRAV is worth a look as long as you catch it on a sale of 50% or more. The developers update frequently, but the game still has a long way to go in terms of content. If you’re the type who likes to explore every nook and cranny of a game without any real objectives, then GRAV may be for you.

If the RPG tag on the store caught your eye, be advised that there’s no real RPG elements beyond changing your job class. In it’s current state, GRAV is a pretty sci-fi survival title that is purely sandbox.

Professions don’t change much as far as gameplay.

**If you’re looking for something to play with your buds, but don’t have the patience to hunt each other down, I’d wait until the game develops further. There is no friend’s list, no icon on a map that will show you where a friend is relative to your current location whether or not you’re in a party, and no sort of intuitive way to tell where in the game world you are or are headed. If you and your friend(s) are patient and willing to stumble around blindly until you run into each other, go for it.


Either way, seeing as the price won’t increase upon full release, waiting for further development may be your best bet.

Stay in the know, gamers ❤



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