[EAR] CHKN, a Creature Creator Sandbox Survival Adventure!


CHKN is a creature creator where you create your very own beasties with life-blocks and survive in a vast tropical wonderland. By creating your own beasties, you can control them by issuing commands, you can see how they feel and they can also help defend you in case other more horrific looking creatures come your way. And they WILL come your way.


  • $14.99 on Steam (Price will go up upon release)

=Game Modes=


  • Single player mode
  • Multiplayer/Co-op – Inconclusive
    (Currently in alpha testing with instructions here)

    • There are some accounts of multiplayer working. Dawn and I, however, could not get multiplayer to work with us. We will keep tabs on the status of online play for now.

=What it includes now=


  • Creative and Adventure Modes
    • Creative is exactly as it sounds where you create with no limitations except your imagination and need to feed creations cheeseburgers.
    • Adventure is a survival mode where you build structures and animals that will help protect you and be your friend
  • Over 150+ different life-blocks to build your monstrosities to your specific demands!
  • 8 different abilities to give to your creations with more to come
  • Players can give basic commands to creations
    • Intelligence AI is vs. 1.0, so creations can now learn, obey commands, express emotions, and develop relationships with the player, fellow creatures, and objects in the world.
  • Explore the 1st of 5 tropical island biomes ripe with creatures and things to create
  • Gather resources and craft them into basic items such as tools and structures to defend against attacks from hostile creatures

=What it promises=


  • Improvements and additions to current game including regular updates and bug fixes
  • World will be larger, varied and more vibrant
  • Creatures will be more intelligent and more useful with a lot more abilities
  • Survival gameplay will be deeper and more rewarding
  • There will be a lot more content and more items to build and create with
  • The UI will be cleaner and a lot easier to use
  • New gameplay features like modding and scripting
  • Additional creative tools and advanced creature training
  • Alchemy
  • Friendly NPCs
  • Boss Battles
  • Sharing creatures with the online community

Katapult is working very closely and actively communicating with the Steam community during this development process. They plan to implement a lot of the ideas, suggestions, and feedback they get from the community to make the game the best it can be.

They have an active Development Board players and those curious can read and see what and how far along their development processes are for CHKN.

You can view the board here: CHKN Epic Development Board

=Projected full release date=

  • Version 1.0 is estimated to be released mid-2017

=Bottom line=

If you plan on playing single player –
    YES, I highly recommend this game.

CHKN in single player is an absolute blast. You run around, craft buildings, create creatures, gather resources and make nice with the wildlife. It’s fun to explore the island, but also a little scary. When night comes, it also brings the scarier creatures. But that’s all part of the fun so that you can have more life-blocks to creature a fierce creature of your own to stalk and protect your own homestead.

If you plan on playing multiplayer –
    TENTATIVE NO, I don’t recommend it just yet.

As it is in its current state, multiplayer either works or it doesn’t. It did not work for Dawn and I and we followed the instructions above to a T. Now, there are reports of it working, but there are also quite a few bugs. Katapult is aware of this and it actively working to remedy this problem. There is no release date for multiplayer at this time.

“We are working with Unity to fix some critical bugs in their Unet code. We don’t have a date for release yet, but we are continually working on it with the help of Unity.”
F.A.Q., CHKN Official

If you don’t mind and can wait for multiplayer or you rather hoof it alone, I still give this game a thumbs up. CHKN is a great game even in it’s current Early Access state.

CHKN is like Minecraft and Spore combined. If you’re a fan of either game, you’ll feel quite comfortable with CHKN. There is quite a bit to do on the island, quite a bit to create and the community is rife with suggestions, help, and pictures of their own wild creations. Head on over to Steam and give CHKN a spin.

Stay in the Know, Gamers~



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