[EAR] We Happy Few, a Survival Adventure in a Drugged-Out Society!


We Happy Few is the second game from developer Compulsion Games. It’s set in a gritty, dystopian English city in the year 1964 during WW2. The player must escape from a drugged-out paranoid society using stealth, deception, and crafting.

– $29.99 (Lower during EA, will be higher upon release)

Platforms Announced
– Windows, Mac, Linux, XBox One

Release Date

Game Modes
– Single Player


What it Includes Now

  • 3 Islands
    • At the moment, there are 3 available islands to explore and run around in/escape. Each will vary differently in what you will encounter. Be it Wellies, more Wastrels or a combination of the 2.
  • 1 playable character
    • There is one playable character at the moment with part of his story revealed. There will be 2 more characters and all will have interweaving stories.
  • 30% of in-game encounters
    • You can fight, conform, hide, and escape the 3 included islands
  • 60% of available weapons
    • You can pick-up, craft and utilize a portion of available items right now
  • Sandbox Mode
    • You have the ability to run around and explore the 3 islands, but there is no story content at the moment, save for certain moments.

When you start, you get a piece of the story of how things came to be in this deluded and messed up world. You can venture out and start collecting weapons, crafting new ones and gathering supplies needed to blend in with the other Wastrels and Wellies.

You also get to pick up quests that give you a piece of the overall story about your character and the unfortunate world he’s forced to face. The quests take you all across the islands, getting you use to the mechanics you’ll be introduced in the full-game.


What it Promises

  • 5 islands
  • 3 different playable characters whose stories will intertwine
  • Dozens of encounters (in-game side quests)
  • A unique soundtrack
  • Dozens of weapons and pick-ups
  • 3 game modes to choose from (Story, Sandbox, Wellie)

Compulsion has been steady with the updates and keeping the community informed with what’s going on behind the scenes. You can keep up to date and even ask questions on Compulsion’s official forums here.


Bottom Line

We Happy Few in its current state is a brilliantly creepy game that throws you into the middle of England surrounded by tweaked out Downers. It’s eerie, it’s suspenseful, but overall, it’s fun. You can craft your weapons, blend in with the crowd so as not to draw suspicion or you can just go around, pummeling everyone.

Although, that’s not the best way to go about it. Every action has a consequence and may hurt your chances at progression as well as permadeath for the daring. So be mindful before you go beating heads in. There will be more characters to unlock, more islands to explore and a whole lot more weapons to craft in the months to come.

I highly recommend We Happy Few in EA. It’ll get your blood pumping as you try to sneak around the Wastrels or hope your disguise can get you past the Wellies. We Happy Few can be found on Steam Early Access right now. Check it out and toss your happy pills today!

We Happy Few – Steam:
We Happy Few – Steam EA

Stay in the know, gamers!



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