[Preview] Earthlock: Festival of Magic, an Adventure RPG set in the Fantasy World of Umbra

Umbra is a world that stopped spinning after a fabled civilization of God-like entities were overthrown and a cataclysm broke out, purging the world of all its lifeforms. Born anew, the world is inhabited by beasts and the half-beast people that are tainted by the amri–a magical substance at the planet’s core– and the hardy humans who struggle to eke out an existence.

Welcome to Earthlock: Festival of Magic.

Earthlock is a gorgeous RPG by Snowcastle Games featuring a mysterious and fantastical world for you to explore.

Dungeons have their own themes and enemy critters so that no two feel the same. Uncover their secrets for a better understanding of the world around you.

Ramoo Villa
Taika Plains
Underwater Mile


Towns hold interesting individuals who won’t hesitate to give your brave adventurers busy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Combat features an innovative system that features character pairings of warrior and protector: one who attacks and one who supports them with spells and shielding. There are no random encounters; you can see the enemy as it approaches.


You’ll also face giant enemies that will test your strategic mettle.

Meanwhile, the character progression system allows you to customize your characters and play the way you see fit.

A sampling of characters.

The talent tree.

If crafting is what you’re after, the game allows you to not only build a base in your home village on Plumpet Island, but also to grow your own garden, harvest it, and craft potions, ammunition and the like to enhance your characters.


You’ll also be able to care for your barnicles, peculiar little creatures with elemental attributes here.



If you’re a fan of RPGs, Earthlock will be a beautiful addition to your library. It’s available on Steam and Xbox One.

Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube for a complete playthrough of the game starting December!

Stay in the know, gamers ❤



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