Kickstarters to Back in November Part 2–Legrand Legacy

Legrand Legacy is an epic tale set within a chaotic world torn apart by civil war and threatened by an otherworldly invasion. It’s when six unlikely heroes come together and soon discover that the true peril to their universe lies within themselves.

Developer Semisoft

Legrand aims to pay homage to epic JRPGs of days past with a fresh take on a timeless genre. We managed to get  an exclusive interview with Henry William Winata, lead game designer at Semisoft about their game and their Kickstarter campaign. Read on to find out more about the game, their ambitions and their hopes for Legrand Legacy.


1. Are you nervous about your first and involving the community in the development through Kickstarter?

Yes, of course, we are nervous! This game is our baby and doing the Kickstarter means that we will be presenting it to the public and asking for the public’s opinion on our baby. But we are fully prepared to receive every support, criticism, and every bit of reaction from the community.

2. Did you feel like there was still a lot to do before launching your project?

The preparation is really massive! There really are so many things to prepare to run a Kickstarter campaign. PR Hound really helped in noticing things what we need to prepare.

3. What were the core design goals of Legrand, and how did the design evolve in response to the alpha testing?

Mechanics-wise, players will enjoy the classic JRPG systems that they’re familiar with BUT with a hint of twists here and there to keep them at the edge of their seats. Storyline-wise, we’re striving to achieve in creating a whole new epic universe that player will be immersed in. The Alpha test helped us in tweaking and balancing to make sure the game is not broken and enjoyable by a wide array of players, from casual story players to hardcore achievers.


4. What are the strengths of your development team? Weaknesses? Will you be seeking outside help to make up for those weaknesses?
Team morale is high despite setbacks, but nothing we can’t tackle together as a team. Most of the team members are not proficient in English, thereby creating a language barrier. Most likely yes if we can but if not, then we’ll make do with whatever resources we have.         

5. I read that there will be porting to PS4 as well as Windows (Mac? Linux?), will there be support for other consoles as well?

Our main focus right now is getting it right and really polished in Windows, as well as a very probable PS4. For Mac, Linux, and other consoles, we’ll just have to see what happens next.


6. What were the inspirations behind the game’s concept/story/characters?

Epic games in the past, epic successful TV series, and even famous literary works.

7. What challenges do you foresee going into development for Legrand?

Incorporating every single design plans into the actual game is always difficult since there are constraints on a budget, time, and team expertise. Most of the time, we have to find a creative solution to circumvent such problems. We’re in no position to simply pour in more funds or delay the release to accommodate more mechanics or systems.


8. Feel free to divulge anything else regarding the game or any concepts that’ll help me with the article.

Legrand Legacy targets a mature audience for its theme and topic that it addresses. But of course that doesn’t mean younger audience can’t enjoy it as well but please enjoy responsibly, we do advise for parents to keep a watchful eye and guide necessarily.

There you have it! The campaign is live on Kickstarter with plenty of tiers and plenty of goodies to snatch up. Grab those Early Bird’s while they last. If you’re a fan of JRPGs and adventure, this is the game for you. Try out their pre-alpha demo linked below now.

Grab a tier for LeGrand legacy here and support their game:
Legrand Legacy on Kickstarter

Check out the Pre-Alpha demo on Steam:
Legrand Legacy on Steam

Stay in the know, Gamers!



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