Kickstarters to Back in November Part 1–Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King

In Shattered you play as the Wanderer, looking for lost memories and knowledge in Hypnos. The mysterious King, the only one who can answer your questions, has gone missing and the more you search, the more you will learn about what really happened in this bleak, mysterious world–and maybe even figure out who you are.

Shattered : Tale of the Forgotten King

Genre: 2.5D Platformer, Action, Adventure, Indie, Exploration, RPG

Campaign length: November 1, 2016-December 6,2016

Release date: January 2018

Shattered : Tale of the Forgotten King balances engaging gameplay with a unique art style, offering 2.5D platforming and dynamic 3D fights with gargantuan bosses and is being developed by Redlock Studio. You can read all about it on their Kickstarter page, the link to which you’ll find below, but first I’m going to give you some reasons as to why you should back it. Let’s break it down.

.The Story.

Hypnos, the world of Shattered, has been lovingly planned: it’s complex, it’s fantastical, and above all it’s mysterious.


You are a Wanderer on a quest. You’ve lost your memory and the one person who could give you even an inkling about who you might be has gone missing.


This person just so happens to be the King–the very person who created all of Hypnos.

From a thought he conjured up the Void. From a glance, he made the world. And from a whisper, he created us.–Shattered Kickstarter

One day, the King vanishes without warning. Hypnos whithers away to a misty limbo and its denizens…

Horrors fill the mists.

Let’s just say it isn’t good.

You awaken one day, Wanderer, and its up to you to uncover the secrets of what happened to your King, to Hypnos–and to yourself.

Adventure awaits.

Needless to say, Redlock’s writers certainly took their time creating an entire world with its own rules and history.

.The World and its Characters.

Every living thing in the world of Hypnos was born silent with a mask that defines their personality. Few came to life with a name, which could only be given by the King and defined the purpose of their existence.

The only ones who can talk are called Whisperers. They’re nothing like other people: Whisperers wear no masks, but handle words for the silent ones.

The Pretorians were once part of the Royal Army. Unlike normal citizens, they abandoned their mask and name to wear the Pretorian armor and served the King until their last breath…Or, at least, until he wasn’t there anymore. Now, they serve other masters…

The Demiurges, as they were named, are the ferocious entities that rose when Hypnos was falling. They are the last lords of the truth and mysteries of the world.

–Shattered Kickstarter

A selection from Shatterd’s fascinating and varied cast.


During your travels, you’ll meet a host of… people? Beings, really. Whether they are friend or foe, you’ll quickly find out.

.The Gameplay.

Hypnos is a fractured world. As such, to reach new areas you’ll have to platform and solve puzzles. Keep your wits above you, because you’ll also encounter the not-so-friendly beings that haunt the lands beneath the mists.

Hypnos is divided into expansive zones that you’re encouraged to explore in order to learn more about the world.

Each zone is divided into:

one major puzzle that the player has to solve to progress through the adventure.and three minor puzzles that will give you access to secret zones or different scenaristic nodes.

Expect traps aplenty and loads of combar. Bosses in particular–12 planned thus far–promise to be fast-paced, relying on player skill and reflex. You’ll use skills you discover during your exploration and your wits as each boss has a vastly different A.I. and attack pattern.

This small fry isn’t your main concern….
The big baddie approaches.

.The Interview.

We also got to pick the brains of the folks at Redlock Studio and they gave us a bit of insight on this gorgeous title…

Redlock Studio

1. What would you say are your strongest influences? Genre and gameplay-wise.

Shadow of the Colossus, Dark Souls and Soul Reaver are probably the games that influenced us the most. Redlock Studio has certainly a thing with devastated lands and silent characters !


2. How much of the game is complete (it mentions on the Kickstarter page only that your team has been working on it for a year without funding)

We have around 15% of the game made, the scenario being the only thing fully complete.


3. What was the greatest challenge in development beyond monetary needs?


Clearly, AI and the camera transitions. Switching from 2.5D to 3D was the idea from the beginning, but making it work as smoothly as we wanted wasn’t easy at all. To sum up, the level construction is kind of a perpetual challenge – which we actually like!



4. Who made up your core team when you first started developing (it says on your Kickstarter that your numbers grew to 8, so did you work on Shattered before that point?)

The first signs of the Shattered universe showed up during home-made role play sessions, nearly 10 years ago from now, that Max led with Laureline and Alric. They kept playing and working around this universe and finally, years later, he decided to gather a team to bring all of those stories to a digital life. At first, it was going to be a mobile game, with Amélie and Laurent as the core team. Then our ambitions grew up, and we had to find new artists : Vincent, Flavie, Sami, Matt and Benjamin joined the project, and Shattered started to look the way you know it today. If you want any more infos about the full team, feel free to check :

5. What do you hope for Shattered to do? For example, is this just a way of getting Redlock Studios on the map or do you intend for this to be genre breaking?

Shattered is something we had to do. It is a lifelong project for several Redlock members, not only Max, which strictly had to come to life one way or another. If everything goes well, we wish to keep on making games and expand the interconnected universes we’ve been working on for so long. This is what we want Shattered to be : a first stone.



Become an honorary Wanderer by backing the project on Kickstarter before December 6th.

Stay in the know, gamers and Wanderers alike ❤



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