Fancy a One Night Stand? Kinmoku does!

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to have a one night stand? What about having to deal with the morning after? Or not and making a run for it? One Night Stand answers all those questions and more in all the awkward glory.


One Night Stand by Kinmoku is exactly how it sounds.A visual novel about waking up to a complete stranger and the repercussions that follows.

I played the Game Jam version of One Night Stand earlier in October and, upon first play through I found the game to be short with no real consequence to decisions despite the fact that the game revolves around a “one night stand”—an awkward moment that should have invoked some sort of emotion (guilt, sadness, loneliness, etc). You didn’t feel as all close to the person whose eyes you were looking through despite their predicament.  The moment wasn’t charged with tension as it should have been and so the game felt artificial; empty. Just one character going through the motions.


In the full release, however, I felt awkward and weirded out. It made me think of how I would respond or if I even would. The game has a much more charged dynamic and it feels almost real in terms of how someone might react to specific scenarios. I cringed, I made disgusted faces and my jaw even dropped. It’s safe to say that the full release hits it home just how awkward a one night stand can be.


It plays like most visual novels, you have your controls off to the upper right that allow you to speed up the text, save the game, exit or edit the settings. Every time she leaves the room, you have a small window of opportunity to look around and try to piece together what happened and who she is.

There is a lot to click on but you have to choose wisely as the time in which she returns gets shorter each time she leaves.


She will ask you about specific scenarios about what happened and based on how well you searched her room while she was out, you might be able to answer her questions correctly. If you answer wrong, however, she’ll let you know and you can restart and choose differently or play it out and see what happens.

Visuals are quite lovely. The motion capture-esque animation of the mystery girl is nicely done. From the subtle glances to the brushing of her hair over her ear, it feels very organic. It drove home the decisions you made when you can watch her expression change or note her body language shift.


The music I felt was symbolic. To me, there was a reason the particular sound was chosen throughout the game. I won’t spoil it, but if you search for specific items and ask the right things, you may find the connection I did.

The music is just a series of strums on a guitar, a few riffs here and there. It’s subtle and doesn’t add nor take away from the experience. It chimes in at the right time and fades out in others while you’re left to your own devices. The music is a nice touch on an already touchy subject.


Overall, I enjoy One Night Stand by Kinmoku. It’s simplistic in its execution yet it can leave you feeling guilty or happy or even sad. Depending on how you ask questions, how well you search, a single playthrough can be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

I found myself playing through a few times to see what endings I could get. I got 2 so far. But I’m already thinking of different ways to answers, different things to search and different ways to do things. That makes for fantastic replay value. You can find One Night Stand on Steam today for $2.99.

One Night Stand – Kinmoku

As always, stay in the know, gamers~


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