Color your world with The Painter’s Apprentice on Kickstarter!

Painter’s Apprentice is a 2D side-scrolling adventure platformer by Luminosity Mobile. Grab your brush and take to the canvas in this charming art-venture!

You play as the Apprentice who wishes to prove himself to his Master but soon find’s himself trapped in the very painting he’s trying to improve!

Three years after starting an apprenticeship with the top Master Painter in his village, the Apprentice is eager to take on new challenges. One day he notices one of the Master’s paintings has lost all of its color. In an effort to prove his worth, he picks up the Master’s favorite brush. Just as he’s about to make ┬áhis first stroke, a sudden noise startles him and he finds himself falling…INTO the painting! – Kickstarter

The game looks and feels like a mobile platformer. That can be either a good or bad thing, depending on your tastes. Whether you prefer a mobile experience to a desktop one is entirely up to you. It’s very easy to pick up, it’s got some fun factor and it looks great.

Each level is listed in the Level Select menu and as you complete each level and earn stars, you unlock other areas. So, beat your time and you might get more stars.

The controls are simple enough; Q and E changes the colors of your Brush/Weapon and Left Mouse Button to Attack/Paint. You move with WASD and jump with the Spacebar. You can also double tap the Spacebar to double jump. Nifty for reaching those hard to get to areas. Levels start as monochromatic areas that you have to bring to life. You encounter monsters and different obstacles as you traverse through the level.

The goal is to paint as much of the canvas as you can and knock out any enemies you see. Each monster is a specific color. In order to defeat them, you have to change the color of your brush in order to do damage. For example, a blue brush can’t kill a red monster. So, you have to toggle between colors in order to kill the number needed in the upper right of the screen. The tubes of paint are enemy drops and you can collect them for more paint to kill more enemies.

You get more stars the quicker you finish from my playthrough experience. It can be quite challenging to have to focus on how many enemies you need to kill and color in as much as the canvas as you can and quickly. It’s a cute little game and the art style is also well done.

Painter’s Apprentice has 8 days left as of this writing. If you want to support a cute game and add some color to your world,┬ácheck them out on Kickstarter now and grab a tier!

Check out their Kickstarter:
The Painter’s Apprentice – Kickstarter

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