[EAR] The Kindred, a Creative Sandbox Game with Light Survival Elements

The Kindred is a survival sandbox game with creative elements such as crafting and building. Play God and lead a band of Kin, managing their daily tasks, developing their technology, and ensuring their survival–all in a cutesy voxel setting.


$14.99 USD on Steam.

.Game Modes.

Single player; multiplayer not yet working.

.What it includes now.

~Adorable voxel graphics and a soothing, looping OST.

~A night and day cycle.

~Achievements and cards.

~The ability to get up close and personal with your Kin by switching between third person omniscient and first person point of view. You aren’t able to control your Kin while you are in this mode, but you can “walk “amongst them, controlling the camera as though you are looking through a Kin’s eyes.

~Core features such as building, farming, animal husbandry, crafting, and wind power to generate electricity.

  • Building is hands-on; you place materials in open areas block-by-block, allowing for a lot of customization in structure appearance.
  • Crafting is done by assigning tasks to your Kin.
She’s hard at work, crafting.
Decorate at will!

~Basic survival needs including food and sleep.

  • So long as you have food and beds available, Kin will eat when they’re hungry and sleep when they’re tired. After they’ve taken care of their needs, they’ll go right back to work.

~More complex appliances such as refrigerators and ovens require electricity to run. You can create electricity by harnessing wind power.


~Animal and crop care are taken care of by your Kin, who you can assign tasks to via the job menu. The Kin will gather eggs, sheer sheep, and milk cows so long as they have the correct equipment.

  • Tools are used to assign jobs. You can craft as many tools as you need and give them to your Kin as you see fit.

~More Kin move into your developing village as you procure more food, so you’ll need to build more housing accordingly!

.What it promises.

The full version of the game will include more building materials, several options for power generation, more farming options (crops and livestock), unique biomes, predators, Kin families, health, medicine and much, much more. Also, working multiplayer.

Here’s the roadmap provided on the Store page:

  • The Circle of Life: Create the ideal environment for families to form and flourish – a complete lifecycle.
  • The Modern Trade: Modern tool upgrades for experienced craftsmen, including chainsaws, jackhammers, and nail guns.
  • Climate & Seasons: Construct heaters and air conditioning units to combat the effects of hypothermia and heat exhaustion.
  • Unique Biomes: An ever-expanding world, with woodlands, desert, alpine and more to come.
  • Energy: Power your cities with solar panels, coal power plants, and other ways both green and dangerous.
  • Health and diseases: Craft medicines to heal sickness like influenza or food poisoning.
  • Hydration and Water: One of the most basic needs of life.
  • Predator and Prey: Protect your livestock from foxes, and encounter dangerous beasts.

.Projected full release date.

February 2017

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.Bottom line.

If you’re willing to build endlessly in a peaceful world, you won’t regret investing in The Kindred in its current state. If you’re looking for a more in-depth survival experience, wait for further development.

Stay in the know, gamers ❤



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