Now in its Last Week on Kickstarter: Dungeon of Zaar, Fast-Paced Tactical PVP Combat

Dungeon of Zaar is a tactical PVP game in the same vein of titles like Hearthstone. It aims for quick matches accessible to veterans and new players alike, featuring a range of unit types and items to ensure no two matches are the same. The game will be available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux as well as the newly announced Nintendo witch. They’ve also announced A.I. versus and story campaign.


The developer, Kurb Studio, hails from Paris, France, and consists of Noe Lecombre, Vincent Bourcois, and Clery Plassat. I interviewed  Noe during a few matches where he kicked my butt and got to know a little about the future of the project.

Players make teams of 5 units from a roster of 15, and choose up to 3 starting items out of 12 that heal, damage, and buff, then face off in a variety of playing fields – some that have hazards and some that do not.

Units and items have their own strength and weaknesses, so load-out is half your strategy.

Character selection & item load-out screen

Matches are kept quick and tense bu a timer that counts down during your turn, so planning several steps ahead is in your best interest.

Zaar’s colorful, cartoony graphical style is easy on the eyes and the various abilities all look really nice. Particle effects like the flaming duets in the Foundry stage and the time icons that float above your units’ heads to indicate what ails them are a nice bit of polish.

Different effects of different items

Backers of the Dungeon of Zaar Kickstarter will get access to exclusive backer skins for the Explorer and the Knight units, pending pledge tier, as well as 2 physical goodies like stickers, magnets and posters.

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The game has already been Greenlit, so it just needs your support in the next 2 weeks in order to release in June of 2017.

Grab a tier for Dungeons of Zaar here:

Dungeon of Zaar – Kickstarter

Stay in the know, gamers ❤
~ Dawn



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