Coming Soon: Steam Early Access Report

More and more games are being released in “Early Access” format, meaning that developers are releasing games in an oftentimes unfinished or unpolished state with the hopes of gaining the funds necessary for completion. And I don’t mean unfinished in the sense of an RPG without an ending or a VN that’s missing half its romantic interests, but rather a sandbox survival game seeking to add more creature types and craftable items over time or a rogue-like game that promises more power-ups/loot/equipment/fun.

In short, Early Access is a good thing–usually.

It gives developers a chance to reach out to the community and gather feedback on the progress of their game development while also securing cash, which is oh-so important to adding new and fabulous content. It also gives the players a voice, allowing them to affect changes in the world that they’re grown to know and love.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Unfortunately… Things happen. Not every game is lovingly worked on and some are even left–dare I say, abandoned?–without updates or even developer interaction for months on end.Maybe the developer ran out of funds. Maybe real life has interfered and they need some time off. Maybe they just need a month or two to recharge the old developing batteries. Maybe, just maybe, they’ve been abducted by aliens (but not really)!

Who knows?

In any case, that’s where your good pal NeedtoKnow comes in. We’ll let you know what you’re getting for your money, what more you can expect, and whether or not the fine folks behind the game are active members of the community.

Just look out for the Early Access Report category and you’re in business.

Stay in the know, gamers ❤

~Dawn and Niko


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