Hunter’s Legacy: A Hand-Drawn, Challenging Platforming Experience


So what the hell is a “Hunter’s Legacy” anyway? A bow? A knife? The ins and outs of hunting down critters?  Well, I couldn’t tell you the definitive answer, but I do know that the game  is a solid action platformer with some beautifully hand-drawn art. If you’re a fan of platformers of old, you’ll get a kick out of Hunter’s Legacy. But be careful because it’ll kick right back.

~I did some touching up of the original review format~

You are Ikki, a warrior kitty who must save her people and defeat Morodir, a magical villain who stole the Fang of Alliance and caused the kingdom of Iripur to crumble.

You must travel across the world in order to locate mystical gems, tear down a magical barrier, and finally face the cloaked villain to save the day.



If you’re a more visual person, we even have a nifty gameplay video for you!
You play Hunter’s Legacy completely by keyboard. You move with WASD and use spacebar to jump. J is your melee attack, K is your ranged attack, which can be charged to release a more powerful magical shot in order to clear destructible objects, and L is a dodge roll. You also have the ability to wall jump (environment allowing).

This is a platformer, so you’ll be spending most of your time jumping from surface to surface, circumventing obstacles, and battling enemies. There are also puzzles to solve, many of which have to do with tripping a switch you have to access by some roundabout means and levers.


Every area has its own set of enemies that will require you to learn their attack patterns and their own bosses, which will require the same thing. Either way, you will die a few times until you’ve got them down to a science.

The game feels very reminiscent of platformers of old and this is definitely a good thing.

Hunter’s Legacy looks great. The hand-drawn art style is unique and the animations are smooth. I’ve experienced no drops in frame rate during my playthrough.
The soundtrack is also nice, though nothing awe-inspiring. It remains on pace with the action, not ever overshadowing it, and avoids being overly repetitive.

*The sound that Ikki makes while attacking leaves a lot to be desired, but this is minor.

There aren’t any challenges of any sort, and no collectibles to be had so there’s no real artificial inflation of play time. I can’t imagine wanting to play through the game again after beating it seeing as it isn’t procedurally generated, but it took me 4 hours to get to the second boss and I imagine there will be several more to come.

The game is a difficult one and certainly skill-based, so results may vary.

There are upgrades to collect by exploring the stages, so that may add to your play time.

You can upgrade your wallet, HP, and weapons as well as learn new skills.

.Pros and Cons.

  • Smooth, responsive controls.
  • Lovely hand-drawn graphics.
  • Level design. You have to figure out how to move from point A to point B and solve puzzles along the way in order to clear a path.
  • Aforementioned puzzles are just difficult enough to make you stop and think. There’s a sense of accomplishment after you’ve solved one.
  • Upgrade system. These effect various aspects of gameplay from combat strength to how much cash you can carry.
  • Boss fights are challenging. You have to think on your feet and use a combination of the skills and gadgets available to you in order to conquer them. You may fail a few times in order to get their patterns down, but the feeling of satisfaction once you pull off the feat is well worth it.
  • A sense of nostalgia. Hunter’s Legacy wears its influences from the classics on its sleeve without feeling like a clone of any one game.
  • Cats!
  • The story is a little cliché and blah. It’s not terribly important to enjoy the game, but still.
  • Level design. Sometimes it’s not obvious where you need to go or what needs to be done, so you spend a lot of time backtracking or dying to trial and error.
  • Frustrating levels of challenge may turn off more casual fans of the genre.
  • No options to rebind keys. J, K, and L are a little strange (to me, at least).

.Bottom Line.
Hunter’s Legacy is a solid platformer with a decent amount of challenge wrapped up in a hand-drawn art style. Its asking price is very reasonable as the game will take you several hours to complete. While the story may not be memorable, the characters you meet will be, as will the hand-drawn art style and the variety of locations and enemies.

Veterans of the platforming genre will be right at home here, though even less hardcore fans will find something in this stylish little indie adventure.

Want to purchase the game? Great!

Stay in the know, gamers ❤

~ Dawn



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