This One’s For the Collectors: ChronoClock Exclusive Collectible Goodies on Kickstarter


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Purple Software brings out exclusive collectibles for their visual novel ChronoClock. Get your goodies while the tiers last!


Purple is an industry giant when it comes to Visual Novels, having been in the game for nearly 20 years of top quality content. Some of their past titles are Mirai Nostalgia and Amatsutsumi.

ChronoClock represents some of Purple’s best work to date and this Kickstarter campaign has been extremely successful with 26 days to go. Lots of fans of the series came flocking to stock up on these exclusive items within the first few days of the campaigns start.

Purple recruited well-known publisher Sekai Project, who’s body of works include more than 30 titles to date on Steam, Valve’s digital distribution platform, PSN and mobile. Some titles Sekai has published includes Fruit of Grisaia (Frontwing), Clannad (VisualArts Key), and NekoPara (NEKOworks).

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The game, like most stunning VNs, is gorgeous. The art is by the famed Tsukimori Hiro, who will also be drawing a custom character for up to 4 backers of the project. Provided one can pay the $1,700 reward tier.

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Rewards vary for every dollar amount and contain various artworks, drama CDs, soundtracks, physical copies of the game, Steam copies of the game and music as well as cloth posters. The project asked for $20,000 but doubled that and surged almost 247% funded with almost a month left to go.

Fans of the upcoming VN will not be disappointed as the campaign offers several different and affordable tiers. As well as offering physical copies of the game, there’s also an offering for a collectors edition box set. What the box may look like, however, is anyone’s guess as the designs have not yet been finalized.

As of this writing, the highest most expensive tier at $1,700 which includes everything from previous tiers is no longer available. What makes this particular tier so special is that the 4 backers of get to have their own personal artwork done by ChronoClock artist Tsukimori Hiro. But there is a current update that states Sekai was able to secure 2 more for the tier. So if you’ve got $1,700 lying around and want art by Mr. Hiro himself, head on over and secure the tier.

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If you’re a fan of Sekai and their many VNs or VNs in general, definitely keep your eyes on Purple’s newest visual novel as well as all the exclusive collectibles this Kickstarter will offer. Get your goodies before the end of September. The full game will release sometime January 2017.

ChronoClock Kickstarter:

Sekai Project Steam Page:

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