Attempt to Escape the Tower in Ruin of the Reckless, a Gorgeous, Challenging Action Roguelike–Now on Kickstarter!

After about one week on Kickstarter, indie rogue-like Ruin of the Reckless (RotR) is already over 70% funded with another 20+ days to go.

How, you ask? The developer, Faux-Operative–a developer duo of Charles Webb and Daniel Crockenberg–has been hitting the bricks. They not only took their campaign to the appropriate social media outlets via bonus Kickstarter goals, but they also reached out to content creators of varying popularity in order to raise visibility.

A list of bonuses that would result in more exposure–a win-win!

A list of the streamers who featured the alpha on their channels include:

  • Absnerdity
  • Inkeyes
  • Rover8680
  • snes_Wes
  • Retrofemmes
  • VoidFox
  • Fauxsure
  • GamesWeStream
  • Pierre Creates
  • BlueStreams
  • Video Game Warrior
  • Joshua McClean
  • Jake AFK
  • Poketrainerchris
  • Couplecade

And, of course, yours truly, NeedtoKnow 😉 You can see a highlight of Dawn’s playthrough here and the whole hour and a half attempt to get to the top in our archive. The devs swung by, so we got some of our questions answered in real time, which is pretty cool.

Faux-Operative even has their own Twitch where they’ve been showcasing their own playthroughs.

So what is Ruin of the Reckless and why should you be excited about it? Well, if you’re like me and you have this border-line masochistic love of games that are so soul-crushingly difficult that they murder you at every given chance and then kick you while you’re down, then RotR will be the game for you.

The game does well to uphold the rigors of the genre with its cute, but deadly enemies:


Skullslimes are one of the more common enemies. They tend to attack in groups and are only really deadly if they synchronize their leaps.  You can get one in a less deadly plushie form if you back the campaign at the $100 tier or greater.


Ratcoons will swarm you the minute your guard is down. A recent patch made it so that you’d have to take a few hits from them in order to actually take damage in order to counterbalance their sheer numbers and swift attacks.


Skirmishers are the bane of my existence. They have a particularly smart A.I. and are swift to dart in and knock you over the moment you let your guard down. They’ll wait for your approach and attack you when you can’t defend yourself, so handle them with caution.

And then they have this thing. We shall call him No Name. He reminds me of Lord Death from Soul Eater. They jitter around and throw projectiles at you, but with good timing, those projectiles can be deflected.

Faux-Operative has more enemies in development and the number of bosses depends on the success of the Kickstarter. At least two are currently being developed, according to one of the devs:

we have 2 partially finished, one that shoots lazers from its eyes, and its shadows eyes, one that spins cards around her body that act as walls and blades that swirl around

The game also has a system of pickups that include primary and secondary weapons, boots, accessories, spellbooks, and power ups.

Primary weapons: these appear as weapons. Equipping one changes your range, attack speed, and knockback rate.

Secondary weapons: these appear as green orbs and take up an orb slot. Currently available are Gust: a magical gust of wind that can be used to attack and knockback enemies, Grappling Hook, which can be used to grab and stun enemies or to move you across the map in a hurry, and Offhand Slash, which is a strong charge attack.

*Orb slots increase 1:1 with your level. In other words, at level 1, you can equip one orb; at level 2, you can equip two orbs–and so on.

*These skills can be levelled up by finding upgrade orbs.

Boots: these change the way you dodge. The preset dodge is a dash, but with boots you can increase the number of dashes you can make consecutively, jump, and even fly.

Spellbooks: these allow you to unleash powerful spells onto the enemy. Books have a limited number of charges, so only use them if you really have to!

Some of my favorites include Rain of Swords (left) and Call Lightning (right):

Consumables: You have one slot for consumables.This means that if you want to pick up a different one, you lose the one currently equipped. Consumables’ have a variety of effects including, but not limited to: healing potions, fire damage, summoning a cloud of pets, and uncursing your equipment.

*The curse status makes it so you cannot unequip a cursed item until you remove the curse.


A cloud of pets


Pets are one of my favourite parts of the game. Though they are simple, colourful shapes, they’re immensely useful, attacking and deflecting attacks depending on type. You can see a few of them above.

Fun fact: they are based on the spirits of ancient Greek dodecahedrons.

They [Pathagorists] were fascinated by these 5 regular solids. Bodies who’s faces are all polygons, triangles, squares, pentagons. There can be an infinite number of polygons, but only 5 regular solids.

4 of the solids were associated with Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. The cube for example represented Earth. These 4 elements, they thought, make up terrestrial matter.

So the 5th solid, they mystically associated with the cosmos. Perhaps it was the substance of the Heavens. This 5th solid was called…the Dodecahedron.

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – Episode 7

Power-Ups: These appear in the form of purple orbs. They offer a variety of affects. Such as health regeneration, increased health, life steal, pet affinity, increased item drop rate, long dash and more.

Can you find them all?

Slime Girls

RotR features our new favorite chip tune artist Slime Girls and they’re absolutely amazing. Seriously. Check out Slime Girls’ Bandcamp and see for yourself what sort of musical talent the devs are working with.

And, with this being an early alpha version, not every game mechanic is in place. We’ll keep you updated with the good stuff as Faux-Operative announced it. You can also find them on their website, where they post log updates concerning development and even contests.

Ruin of the Reckless will be on Kickstarter until September 5th and you can find their stretch goals below.


My favourite is the OST



The full game will be released March 2017, but the loyal few who backed the campaign at the beta access tier during its first few days have been rewarded with alpha acces so they can join in on the fun extra early.

Stay in the know, gamers ❤




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