[Developer Profile] Bludgeonsoft




Bludgeonsoft is a one-person game studio comprised of Mark Stramagli and located in Oakland, California. Mark is an experimental musician and digital artist, typically creating music and art under the name Wizard Master and using his own custom sampling and sequencing software: BackToBasics, WMCP, Abominaclavia, and others. His music software has been written up in Wired Magazine, Computer Music Journal, and Computer Music Magazine and has won honorable mention at International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, Bourges, France.

Basically, he’s a talented guy.

Mark started Vilmonic as a way to learn every aspect of game production, to create a game from scratch with as few off-the-shelf components as possible. The result is that Vilmonic is a self-funded completely DIY endeavor. The 2D game and animation engine, the GUI framework, the simulator, the graphics and design and marketing materials–all of it is created solely by Mark.

Want to know more? Read our Vilmonic review.

We here at NeedtoKnow adore this guy and hope to see more projects from him in the future. Check out his website or drop by his Twitter and tell him we sent you.

Stay in the know, gamers ❤





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